James Joseph School of Boxing.



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Building a Safer and Greater Community By staying on a good path

The James Joseph School of Boxing is a service organization that provides a venue that reaches our kids and young adults in a positive way. Our coaches use boxing as an instrument that get "at risk" young people off the streets and teach them to take pride in themselves and their community.The James Joseph School of Boxing (JJSB) will add to the nationwide statistic for proven facts that Youth Boxing Programs have lowered juvenile and young adult crimes.  If successful at this endeavor, JJSB will be a welcome solution to preventing the lost of our young people to the dead end options of the community str


"It Takes a Village to Raise a Child"                        

Kids needs safe havens.  Places that challenge and stimulate their minds and souls. 



James Joseph, President/Founder

 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation that through fund raising and advocacy furthers the development of area youths through personal fitness and training.


IRS REGISTRATION Date: May 2, 1990.